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Tear Stained Cheek
As tears run down my face to stain my cheeks I know this is the heart of love
It is not pain that ushers them forth but a love that over flows from the depth of my soul
Seeking a place to run free as a witness of how much I love thee. They are a testament of my faith in you, my hope in you as well as my loyalty to you. Each tear spilled, is a moment in the life of my heart that I have chosen to love you.
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Jet Skiing Thru Life's Storms
23 years old, just married and on my way with my ex to Apache Lake with a group of his co workers. Still very shy and timid back then and unsure of my decision to marry someone that was treating me like I didn't have a brain between my ears, God began to show me the truth of who I am.
We rode up with a couple that had brought two jet ski's with them to test out on th lake. So, once we got there we all gathered on a pontoon(about 8 of us) and we took it out, swam and dived for a bit ant then all of us took our turn on the jet ski. One by one every person that had taken a turn fell off the jet ski. My ex was next to the last to take a turn and he struggled to ride it and fell over and over and over. I was the last one to take a chance at riding the jet ski. As my ex passed me by, after I had put on all the necessary gear to ride he told me "I can't even do it, you won't be able to either."
I watched every person make the same kind of mistake over and over trying to master the jet ski. I
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Recess of My Mind
In the recess of my mind from time to time is where I go to hide. I go there to feel safe but alone I sit inside. I am an introvert so they say and labels I have many. I listen as they are listed but none of them do they stick. And so I am left wondering…or is it wandering..huh, I think it's both. But that's okay I will continue on day after day in the drudgery that is mine. For this is only temporary and my future is not herein where I lie where Iam left to sit and ponder all kinds of grief and cry. No, I live not in this place but it was once my home. Maybe to make it look better I should put up a garden gnome.
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When the connection between heart and mind fail, you're thrown off balance. You begin to function from a place that is a distant wilderness, wandering around taking refuge in mirages. The illusion of truth and the blurred reality slowly seep into all areas that are meant for life. Choking up the love that once poured from your veins and poisoning the very essence of who you truly are. Those around you cannot help but see that you are not who you are meant to be. A thirst for life comes and goes but rest is never present. Until you are stripped of the false and nothing but truth shines through and an everlasting love guiding you to where you used to reside in love and an awakening emerges inside your core. An embrace of love, truth, forgiveness, and grace take place and a gentle reminder of your very first love who has never left you waits patiently as you are made whole within the gifts that are of His image.
~Ahna Capri
P.S It's like taking a coal out of the fire. It does not thrive o
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Gift of Faith and Love
Heart as gentle
as a snowflake falls
Sweet songs sung
as her hope dances across the sky
A zest for life
and a gift of faith and love
to inspire the smallest of dreams
Spirit tells the story of a never ending quest
It soars beyond outter limits to the place it will reside
Where her beloved awaits His Queen.
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Sometimes I speak, when I should be listening
Sometimes I should speak, when I am quiet
Sometimes I think I have the answers,
Sometimes those answers were just meant for me.
Sometimes I think I know the way,
Sometimes I am just really lost.
Sometimes I forget to say, "Thank you."
and sometimes I don't say, "You're welcome."
Sometimes I make the little things big,
and sometimes I let the big things get too small.
Sometimes I hide the most beautiful parts of who I am,
Sometimes I feel free to let them be seen.
Sometimes I get angry and don't want to forgive,
Sometimes I understand and I let it go.
Sometimes I think I am the smartest person I know,
Sometimes I realize I don't know much at all.
and sometimes I listen to people, when I should be listening to God.
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United States
Current Residence: In the hearts of those who truly know me
Favourite genre of music: I like all types
Skin of choice: I like mine very much thank you .....
Favourite cartoon character: Eduardo
Encouragement for the Journey

"It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something."
– Franklin D. Roosevelt

"What we do in life, echoes in eternity."by Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius in Gladiator.

"You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result."
– Mahatma Gandhi

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
– Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Listening to: Van Morrison
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  • Eating: blueberry granola with almonds
  • Drinking: my special tea


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